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Underground Printing House “ab”

Salių Village, Domeikavos Eldership, LT-54376 Kauno Distr.
Tel.: (8 37) 55 32 49, mob. tel. (8 601) 86 521.

Information for visitors

Working time:
Tuesday - Saturday - 10.00-17.00 hrs.

Ticket price: free entrance

About the Museum
In 1979 pressman Vytautas Andziulis installed a secret printing house in a vault under his house in his homestead where he printed publications of patriotic and religious content particularly important in the struggle for Lithuania's freedom. As they agreed to collaborate V. Andziulis and Juozas Bacevičius called the illegal publishing house "ab" (first letters of their second names). The printing-publishing house worked for ten years without being disclosed (from 1980 to 1990). The first book published in this publishing house was "Religion Primer" by bishop Kazimieras Paltarokas. Later memories of Juozas Urbšis, a study by Adolfas Damušis on the Soviet genocide, creation of poets Juozas Gražulis, Robertas Grigas (Rasūnas), Kęstutis Genys, etc. Prohibited patriotic and religious publications of 23 names were published and distributed from this printing house during the Soviet occupation, their total circulation reached 138 000 items.

As of 1997 the underground printing house "ab" passed into the subordination of the Soldiership History of the Recent Times Section of the Vytautas the Great War Museum (VGWM). Viewers can observe equipment of relief printing, copies of anti-Nazi and anti-Soviet struggle documents, photographs of underground press publications and resistance movement members at the underground printing house-museum.

In 2008 VGWM Underground Printing House "ab" was drawn into the list of historically valuable equipment and locations left by the Cold War. Later "ab" participated in a project initiated by the Baltic Cooperation and Communications Secretary Johannes Bach Rasmussen which resulted in creation of a short documentary about the founder of the Underground Printing House "ab" Vytautas Andziulis.


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