Lithuanian Armed Forces
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Vilnius Enginery and Transport Section

Olandų str. 21 A, LT-01100 Vilnius.
Tours booked at tel.: (8 5) 261 96 06.
Fax: (8 5) 269 76 97.
Head Virgilijus Kudrauskas

Information for visitors
Working hours: from Tuesday till Saturday - 10.00-17.00 hrs.
Ticket Office is open till 16.30 hrs.

Ticket price
Adults - 4 Lt.
School children, students, disabled persons, retired persons upon presentation of a relevant document - 2 Lt.
One photo and video permission in all the expositions and displays - 35 Lt.
Tours are charged additionally.

Price of excursion:
Tour guide's services for a group under 20 members - 30 Lt;
Tour guide's services for a group between 21 and 30 persons - 40 lt.
Only tour guides working at the Vytautas the Great War Museum conduct tours at the expositions.



Currently over 100 examples of military equipment of the Lithuanian Armed Forces are displayed to reflect the period from 1990 till this day. By order of the command of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, two examples of each type of equipment are given to the Museum when obsolete military equipment is written-off and. Visitors have an opportunity to see a cannon, cuter, motorbikes, a spectrum of wheeled and crawler military transport: armored vehicles, Dodge cars, small all-terrains, petrol-carriers, T-55 and T-72 tanks, presented to the museum in 2006 by the Ministry of Defence of Poland. T-72 tanks were used to storm Vilnius Television Tower on January 13, 1991. Armored Mercedes-Benz of the first Chief of Defence of the restored state stands next to scary military equipment, Zaporožec bought from Lithuania's reserve for the Lithuanian Government, led by Gediminas Vagnorius at that time. The exposition is supplemented on a permanent basis. Radars are planned to be brought, articles of artillery equipment, and other small-scale equipment.

Fragments of history
The territory in Olandų Street belongs to the military from the end of the 18th century. In the beginning it was used as a depot for gunpowder and weapons. In 1832 the premises were handed over to the Vilnius Fortress. In the interwar up to 1939 it belonged to the Depot Service of Poland, and after the retrieval of Vilnius Armored Vehicle and Car Park of Lithuania was established here. During the Soviet occupation the Soviet Army administered the area, they were followed by the National Defence Volunteer Force's 8th Territorial Unit. The Enginery and Transport Section of Vilnius was opened on November 4, 2008.





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