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International cooperation and integration

Lithuania has been implementing means of integration into NATO structures since its admission to Alliance in 2004. Interoperability within NATO structures and cooperation with other countries within and without the Alliance is the main effort to be accomplished by Lithuanian Air Force. Lithuanian Air Force cooperates not only with NATO countries such as Denmark, Norway, US, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, France, Spain etc.), but also with other neighboring countries - Ukraine, Croatia, Sweden, etc.





Transformation of Lithuanian Armed Forces has led to many changes. One of those changes is Capability-Based Planning, which entails National Capabilities and NATO Force Goals. The main effort is to ensure that new acquisitions, personnel training and education are implemented in regard to NATO standards.

International cooperation and integration in the Air Force encompasses a wide variety of activities - participation in different international seminars, conferences, military exercises and multilateral projects. Many activities come from mutual cooperation which is being planned every year in advance.

Peacekeeping operations are another important task for the Air Force. C-27J Spartan aircraft are used for personnel and cargo transportation into operation region.





Air policing mission within the airspace of the three Baltic States is being conducted by NATO nations. Host Nation Support for NATO detachment located at the Air Base is one of the primary tasks of the Air Base.

Since 2004, fighters conducting Air Policing mission have been controlled by Norwegian Air Force Aircraft Control Unit. The main purpose of the unit was to coordinate Quick reaction Alert aircraft responding to the violations of the three Baltic States' airspace. Fighter control functions were taken upon by the three Baltic States in 2006 after acquisition of equipment needed.




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