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Air Base of the Lithuanian Air Force






The task of the Lithuanian Air force Air base is to survey, guard and defend the airspace of Lithuania, to support the Lithuanian Land and Naval Forces, to carry out search and rescue and special operations, to airlift cargo and personnel (military and civil servants), to keep the airdrome fully functional 24/7, provide host nation support to NATO, EU units, maintain command and control procedures during the air policing missions. The Air base is formed from professional Airmen and Airwomen and also non-military personnel. The base is located in Šiauliai city, two search and rescue posts are in Kaunas and in Nemirseta (Klaipėda district).






The Air base consists of HQ, Air operation group and Operational support group. The Air base operates following aircrafts: Letov L-410 UVP Turbolet, Mi-8MTV, C-27J Spartan, L-39ZA Albatross and AS 365N3+ „Dauphin". 








Updated on: 2016-01-20
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