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Land Force Command

Land Force HQ is the highest Land Force's structural unit which supports the Commander of the Land Force in making and implementing decisions concerning preparation of the Land Force's units for the realization of the Lithuanian Armed Forces tasks. The Headquarters is under the command of the Chief of Staff who is directly subordinate to the Commander of the Land Force.


Mission of the Land Force HQ is to assist the Commander of the Land Force in making and implementing decisions regarding the preparation of the Land Force's units, capable of participation in international operations, for armed defense and protection of the land territory of the country.



On 11 October 2001 the Statistic Department of the Republic of Lithuania registered the Land Force (hereinafter referred to as "LF") Command of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Therefore the 11th of October is the foundation date of the LF Command.

On 19 November 2001 the Minister of the National Defense issued an order approving the LF insignia.

From 1 January 2002 the Land Force Command was renamed as the Land (Field) Force Command.

At the end of 2002 the Land (Field) Force Staff was moved from the Defense Staff (Ministry of Defence) building to spacier premises in Viršuliškių str. 36, Vilnius and is located there up to present.

On 18 June 2004 the Minister of Defense of Republic of Lithuania bestowed the the flag of the Land (Field) Force to the  Commander of the Land Force.

On 23 September 2005 the Land Force HQ was accreditated by the Allied Land Component Command (LCC) Heidelberg of the NATO Forces in Europe as capable to plan and conduct operations, as well as to act corporately together with the Allied Forces.


affirmation, SP 


On the 1st of September 2008 the Land (Field) Force HQ was renamed as the Land Force HQ.

On the 1st of September 2008 the Land Force HQ handed over the responsibilities of planing, controlling and supporting international operations to the Joint Headquarters of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. 



The Land Force HQ consists of the Personal Staff of the Commander of LF, Budget Section, Chief of Staff, 7 deputies to the Chief of Staff, staff sections (G1-G9), Support Service, Operations Planning and Operating Center, and the Communications Unit.


SPV stabas

Land Force HQ and LF Units' Commanders (2012)

Picture by V. Džiavečka (NDVF)


The Chief of Staff heads the LF HQ; deputies of the Chief of Staff coordinate the following appointed functional areas: 
- Administration of personnel and military units;

- Intelligence;
- Operations;
- Logistics;

- Planning;

- Combat training;
- Command and control (C2).


Deputies of the Chief of Staff organize, coordinate and control the whole process of military development and implementation in LF. Deputies of the Chief of Staff are responsible for the organisation of activity in their functional areas and control of the fulfillment of assignments in the subordinate sections. Functional area experts of the LF headquarters prepare and ensure orderly and regular situation assessment. Situation assessment is based on the tasks, factors and condition analysis and on a grounded alternative course of action.




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