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Depot Storage Service


Phone (+370-5) 2103646
Fax (+370-5) 2103799
Address:  Basanavičiaus-22  LT- 03224 Vilnius, Lithuania






   Depot Storage Service of the Lithuanian Armed Forces organizes storage, repair, write-offs and liquidation of Military Defence System's material resources'; registration and diagnostic of tactical and logistical vehicles; ensures admission, issuance and accounting of material assets'.
    Depot organizes and ensures proper long-term storage of spare equipment; executes repair and maintenance of equipment, implements cargo packing and storage of material resources'.
Depot Storage Service of the Lithuanian Armed Forces participates in national, international operations and exercises and other international military cooperation projects.
    Depot Storage Service is a specialized unit of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, implementing various logistics tasks. 







Updated on: 2015-05-28
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