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Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytenis Main Support Logistics Battalion


 The dislocation place of Lithuanian armed forces Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytenis Main Support Logistics Battalion is Marijampole city.  The task of Vytenis Main Support Logistics Battalion - secure the units of Lithuanian armed forces main military provision in Lithuania territory and over border its, and develop NATO and EU higher echelon logistics capability.

    Since 2005, the troops of the Grand Duke Vytenis Main Support Logistics Battalion have been contributing to the Lithuanian - led Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) activities in the Ghor Province of Afghanistan.

   The premises of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytenis Main Support Logistics Battalion is one of the key historical and cultural sites in Marijampole. In 2006, the Battalion took part in the traditional European Heritage Days events organised in Lithuania, and sponsored by the Council of Europe. A number of military heritage items were put on display for the first time ever during the events. Among other things, the history of Marijampole military camp established by the Tsar of Russia, Alexander II, was introduced to the guests. Moreover, the Battalion Museum was opened to visitors and the Lithuanian interwar frescoes that survived over time in the barracks were displayed. The exhibition of armaments of the Lithuanian Armed Forces opened on a cultural heritage site - a horse racecourse built at the end of the XIX century - turned out to be one of the honeypots. The museum, founded to mark the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the Battalion, is one of the most interesting and richest museums of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. More than one thousand items tell about the military history of Marijampole from 1702 year till nowadays have been collected in the museum.

    The Battalion is an active participant in the public life of Marijampole. Activities organised jointly with local public organisations were become an essential part of the cultural life of the Battalion.

 Battalion symbolism

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