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MD Jonas Basanavičius Military Medical Service









Saving lives of the injured was a challenge since ancient times. Generals of the subsequent ages also felt concern about soldiers' health, because only psychically healthy soldiers can win a victory.


The beginning of professional military medicine in Lithuania is having link with the XIX century when a majority of renowned Lithuanian medics served as military medics in the units of Czarist Russia's army. On 23 November 1918 when Decree No.1 on the national defence was issued many of them joined Lithuanian Armed Forces as volunteers. On 4 December 1918 the most active of them - Vladas Nagevicius, Vladas Ingelevicius and others - initiated establishment of Sanitation Department of the Ministry of National Defence. After the independence of Lithuania was restored on 22 February 1991 Military Medical Service was established and took over the responsibilities and job of Sanitation Department.



Structure of modern MD Jonas Basanavičius Military Medical Service includes:

  • Military Medicine Center in Kaunas,
  • Military Rehabilitation Center in Druskininkai,
  • Primary Military Health Care Centers and their departments in Alytus, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Marijampolė, Pabradė, Panevėžys, Radviliškis, Rukla, Šiauliai, Tauragė, Vilnius,
  • Medical Support Units of the Land, Air, Naval Forces.


Military Medical Training Center of the MD Jonas Basanavičius Military Medical Service is the Baltic pacemaker in the military medicine training field. It was highly rated by countries with large military medicine experience, as US, Denmark and others.


Military medical personnel ensure medical support for military operations of the Armed Forces' branches and subdivisions in Lithuania and beyond its boundaries in correspondence with NATO standards, assist government and municipality institutions in extreme conditions.



MD Jonas Basanavičius Military Medical Service participates in COMEDS (Committee of the Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO) activity. It is the member of ICMM (International Committee of Military Medicine) Committee.





Vytauto av. 49
LT-44331 Kaunas
Fax 8 ~ 37 204 602 
Phone 8 ~ 37 205 758 
E-mail [email protected]








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