Lithuanian Armed Forces
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Military Police is a law enforcement institution operating within the National Defence System of the Republic of Lithuania and is a part of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.


The Military Police Law outlines the Military Police's competence, functions and tasks as well as organizational procedures, rights and responsibilities of military policemen and relationship with other law enforcement institutions.


Functions of Military Police include implementation of measures to prevent crimes and other breaches of legal acts, recording and control of crimes and other violations of legal acts, investigation of committed crimes and other breaches of legal acts. Keeping with procedures outlined in legislation Military Police carries out search of soldiers suspected or accused in crimes and violations of other legal acts, deserted or missing soldiers as well as pretrial investigations in cases that are in the competence of Military Police under the legislation on penal process, in cases stipulated in legislation, carries out the orders of interrogators, prosecutors, judges and courts. Military Police maintains military discipline and order by patrolling, security of military transport, escorting of military transport convoys, as well as guarding of key military objects, guardhouses.





Updated on: 2009-04-17
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