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Special Operations Forces


This year, 2018, on April 3, the Lithuanian Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Lithuania (Lithuanian SOF) are celebrating the 10th anniversary since the forces became, de jure, the fourth branch of the Lithuanian Armed Forces instead of the Special Operations Unit. However, its roots and establishment started long before that.



Lithuanian SOF are organized on the voluntary basis, and according to the principles of selection and special training. There are four units under the command of the Lithuanian SOF:  Special Mission Unit, Combat Divers Service, Vytautas the Great Jaeger Battalion, and the Combat Support and Training Center. All these units have different, but at the same time very relevant tasks in order to cover full spectrum of special operations. The philosophy that drives motivation, training and development of the Lithuanian SOF is readiness to fight the aggressor in a dynamically evolving multidimensional environment through precision strikes (including non-kinetic) on enemy's critical capabilities in the most unexpected manner.




Sergeant Specialist I. Budzeikaite                        Lithuanian SOF archive


Lithuanian SOF tasks are executed by operatives organized, trained, and equipped in a particular way in order to contribute to national strategic and operational objectives in military, political, economic and informational domains with a skill-set unique to SOF.

Special operations are conducted across full range of high-risk and high-payoff military actions, independently or in conjunction with conventional forces and other institutions, in order to deter potential aggressor or (in case deterrence fails) to support organized national armed defense and resistance effort.   

Throughout these years, the Lithuanian SOF became closely integrated and interconnected within a large network of various national institutions, organisations, NATO Allies' and Partner nations' SOF who now support the Lithuanian SOF inside the country.

After various reorganizations and formations, establishment of the present Lithuanian SOF started with the foundation of the present Special Mission Unit  within the Voluntary National Defense Service (Lith. SKAT) in 1995. In 2004, all SOF units -  Special Purpose Service (now - Special Mission Unit) (Lith. YPT), Combat Divers Service (Lith. KNT), Vytautas the Great Jaeger Battalion (Lith. VDJB) - were unified under one command and became the Special Operations Component (Lith. SOJ). It had the same structure as the Land and the Air Forces, and the Navy. However, only on the 3rd of April, 2008, it became a separate, the fourth branch of the Lithuanian Armed Forces by law.





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