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Combat flag to the Lithuanian Special Forces was handed in on the 14th March 2011


The Combat Flag of the SOP contains a flaming golden sword with blades going onward in the central part of purple background of the flag.


There are golden rays going outward from the circle of the sword. Three outer sides of the flag are trimmed with fringes with garlands of oak leaves going in parallel to all sides of the flag.

The flag corners are embroidered with yellow pillars of Gediminas with garlands of oak leaves trimmed with green bands.



Author Liudas Gedminas


 Flag of the Lithuanian

Special Operations Forces

 LITHSOF Special Operations Purpose flag bestowed on 6 June 2011

Three outer sides of the flag are decorated with fringes, garlands of oak leaves frame all the sides. Pillars of Gediminas are embroidered in yellow in the corners and framed in green by the oak-leaf garland. In the centre a red circle rimmed with yellow bay-leaf wreath is placed against purple background. A symbol of grenade set on fire is positioned in the upper part of the circle and silver-colored crossed saber and two arrows under it.



The flag was designed by Liudas Gedminas.

 Flag of the Lithuanian

Special Operations Forces

Special Purpose Service



 LITHSOF insignia officially approved on 12 May 2015


Symbol - tapering down the shield -shaped dark mossy field shows a golden sword with flaming blade up.
A sword with flaming blade of the top symbolizes the Special Operations forces.

Dark moss - Special Operations forces color.

 Insignia of the Lithuanian

Special Operations Forces


  LITHSOF Vytautas the Graet JaegerBattalion's insignia

officially approved on 18 May 1995


Heraldic colours of the Lithuanian Vytis were selected for the service insignia: blue, red and white. Red crown of Vytautas the Great, sovereign of the Grand Duchess of Lithuania, is a symbol of authority, i.e. power. The blue of the mantle signals dependence of the division to Trakų Voivodeship (till 1795) during the period when it still included Kaunas. The background of the blue mantle was picked for the insignia because Vytautas the Great Jaeger Battalion is stationed in Kaunas. Signs of Vytautas the Great are written in white on a red shield upon the blue mantle: capital "V" in the upper left corner of the shield and crossed sabre and spear head on the right. In 15 c. such marking was engraved on monetary units of the Grand Duchess of Lithuania. Staffs of combat flags of military units of the re-established Lithuania are also decorated in blue, red and white.

Insignia of the Lithuanian

Special Operation Forces

Vytautas the Great Jaeger Battalion 


 LITHSOF Combat Divers Service insignia

officially approved on 10 June 2011


A golden dagger surfacing from dark blue surge and twined round by two golden whipsnakes against a moss green background of a narrowing shield. The surfacing dagger is a symbol of the Combat Diver Service's mission, armed resistance, and an emphasis of the call of duty for the motherland. Two whipsnakes are a symbol of the eternity, ongoing movement and resurrection, and for the military - teamwork, perpetually renewable and inexhaustible strength. The motif of dark blue surge is a symbol of the sea and refers to the CDS purpose. Moss green is the colour of SOF.

Author of insignia - Žana Vilks

 Insignia of the Lithuanian

Special Operations Forces

Combat Divers Service








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